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Signs of Co-Dependency

Feeling unable to leave the nest, or leaving with bad feelings on both sides.

Feeling required or obliged to visit, telephone, entertain chauffeur,etc.

Asking permission of a partner for everything, including spending money, use of the car, authority to speak, etc.

Invasion of privacy. Like looking through drawers, reading mail of others, listening to phone conversations, etc.

Remaining in deep depression and total immobilization after the death of a loved one.

Feeling committed to a particular job and unable to try anything else.

Having expectations of how a spouse, child, or parent ought to be, speak, act, etc.

Being embarrassed by a spouse’s,  parent’s or partner’s adult child’s behavior, as if who they are defines who you are.

Being “in training”, “rehearsing” all your life for a job or a role; never leaving that phase for a self-reliant performance.

Being hurt by what others say, feel, think, or do.

Feeling happy, successful, etc., only if your partner feels so.

Allowing someone else to speak for you, make your decisions; or always seeking advice before making decisions.

Frequently choosing your language carefully so as not to anger an important person in your life: “Walking on eggshells”.

Refraining from certain behaviors normal for you in front of certain dominant people in order not to upset them such as Smoking-Swearing-Dancing-Eating sweets etc.

Blaming your shortcomings on others’ behavior.

Feeling guilty if you act in your own best interests.

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